Ann Based Control Scheme for Hybrid Shunt Filter

A. Raviteja, S. Rajsekhar


Hybrid active power filters comprises active power filters and passive filters. The inherent drawback that associated with active power filters lead to the development of hybrid power filters. An artificial neural network based control scheme for hybrid shunt filter is proposed in this project. In a hybrid active power filter, the active power filter is used to filter out the higher order harmonics. In addition to the active power filter tuned filters made up of passive components are used for elimination of 5thand 7thorder harmonic frequencies are introduced. Combination of active and passive filters connected in shunt at point of common coupling considerably reduces the cost and size of active power filter and also effectively overcomes the problems that arise due to the usage of passive filters. The effectiveness of proposed filter topology and its control scheme are been verified by MATLAB/Simulink and Artificial Neural Network toolbox. 

Keywords: Non Linear Load; Hybrid; Filter; Compensation; ANN Control

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