Synchronous Reference Frame Based Hybrid Shunt Filter for Current Harmonic Compensation

R. Rambabu, K. Kranthi Pratap Singh


A power quality problem is an occurrence manifested as nonstandard voltage, current or frequency that results in failure or faulty operation of end use equipment. Presence of harmonics in supply voltages and currents is a serious issue that results in increased power loss in utility power systems and failure of sensitive, electronic loads. Active filters are special equipment that uses power electronic converters for compensation of current and/or voltage harmonics originated by non-linear loads, or to avoid those harmonic voltages that might be effect operation of sensitive loads. This project mainly emphasizes on the application of simulation tool for analysis of the effectiveness of shunt active power filter in harmonics currents suppression in real time power system. A model of a three-phase three-wire shunt active power filter based on synchronous reference frame control strategy has been designed and simulated on MATLAB/SIMULINK. Simulation results indicate that the proposed active power filter can restrain harmonics of electrical source current effectively and also demonstrates the usability of simulation.

Keywords: Non Linear Load; Hybrid; Filter; Compensation; Control

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