Analysis of Image Compression Using Discrete Cosine Transform

Sarita Saini, Rajeev Ratan


In today’s technological world as our use and reliance on computers is continuing, so too does our need for efficient ways of storing large amounts of data . Due to the bandwidth and storage limitations, images must be compressed before transmission and storage.

 Image compression is the application of Data compression on digital images. The discrete cosine transform (DCT) is a technique for converting a signal into elementary frequency components. It is widely used in image compression. Here we develop some simple functions to compute the DCT and to compress images. An image compression algorithm was comprehended using Matlab code, and modified to perform better when implemented in hardware description language.

Keyword: The main objectives of this paper are reducing the image storage space; Easy maintenance and providing security; Data loss cannot affect the image clarity; Lower bandwidth requirements for transmission; Reducing cost.

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