Adsorption & Cation Exchange Removal of Ni (Ii) Ion from Aqueous Solution Using Modified Coir Dust

A. A., Essiett, A. U. israel


The removal of Ni(II) ion from aqueous solution by ion exchange was studied from the coir dust of extract and residue. The extent of removal of Ni(II) was found to be dependent on contact time and it was found out that percentage of adsorption increases with contact time. The experimental data was described by pseudo 1st and 2nd orders and intra-particle diffusion as kinetic models while Froehlich, Langmiur and Flory-Huggines model for equilibrium. Intra-particle diffusion model has a correlation coefficient of R2 = 0.956 and R2 = 0.895 respectively.

Keywords: Adsorption; Cation-exchange; Coir Dust; Ni(II); Contact time.

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