Novel Approach for Encryption Then Compression System Based On the Compressive Sensing Mechanism

Pillala Brahmananda, M. Vanaja


In many sensible situations, image encryption has to be conducted before compression. This has led to the drawback of a way to style a try of image coding and compression algorithms such press the encrypted pictures will still be with efficiency performed. In this paper, we style a extremely economical image encryption-then-compression (ETC) system, where each lossless and lossy compressions square measure thought of. The proposed image coding theme operated in the prediction error domain is shown to be ready to offer a fairly high level of security. We additionally demonstrate that associate arithmetic coding-based approach will be exploited to with efficiency compress the encrypted pictures. More notably, the proposed compression approach applied to encrypted pictures is solely slightly worse, in terms of compression efficiency, than the state-of-the-art lossless/lossy image coders, which take original, unencrypted images as inputs. In contrast, most of the existing ETC solutions induce significant penalty on the compression potency.

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