Secure Authorized Duplicate Check Scheme for Hybrid Cloud Using Convergent Key

Md Thouheed, M. Eranna


Recent years have been witnessed the trend of leveraging cloud-based resources and services for large scale content storage space, processing, and distribution. Privacy and security are among top concerns for the public cloud environments. Towards these security challenges, we propose and implement, on OpenStack Swift and a new client-side deduplication method for securely storing and sharing outsourced data passing through the public cloud. The creativity of our proposal is twofold. First, it ensures better privacy towards not permitted users. That is, every client computes a per data key to encrypt the data that he intends to accumulate in the cloud. As such, the data right to use is maintained by the data owner. Second, by Combining access rights in metadata file, an certified user can decode an encrypted file only with his private key.

 KeywordsCloud Storage; Data Security; Deduplication; Confidentiality; Proof of Ownership.

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