Implementation of Closed Loop Control of High Step up Interleaved Converter with VoltageMultiplier Module and Renewable Energy System



A High step-up converter suitable for renewableenergy system is designed in this paper. Using a conventionalinterleaved boost converter, accompanied by a voltage multipliermodule composed of switched capacitors and coupled inductors,high step-up gain is obtained without operating at extreme dutyratio. The topology of the proposed converter reduces thecurrent stress. The topology constrains the input current ripple,and hence the conduction loss reduces. The circuit also increasesthe lifetime of the source. Because of the lossless passive clampperformance, the leakage energy can be recycled to the outputterminal. The low-voltage-rated MOSFETs can be adopted for reductions of conduction losses and cost. In addition, due to the lossless passive clamp performance, leakage energy is recycled to the output terminal.Hence, large voltage spikes across the main switches are alleviated, and the efficiency is improved. Closed loop control automatically maintains a precise output voltage regardless of variation in input voltage and load conditions.

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