Design of a Integrated Converter Topology Fed IM Drive Using Closed Loop Controller Application for EV/HEV

Budumuru .prasanthi, Adavipalli Chandana


Hybrid    electric    vehicles    (HEVs)    powered    by
electric  machines  and  an  internal  combustion  engine  (ICE)

are   a   promising   mean   of   reducing   emissions   and   fuel
consumption   without   compromising   vehicle   functionality
and  driving  performances.  The  HEV  includes  mechanical,

electrical,   control,   and   electrochemical   systems   among
others.  In  the  mechanical  system,  a  traction  motor  and  a
compressor motor are used to drive the HEV.  The traction
motor  and  the  compressor  motor  are  usually  operated  as
three-phase  and  single-phase  motors,  respectively.  In  this

respect, a dual AC-drive system can operate the traction and
the     compressor     motor     simultaneously.     Furthermore,
compared  to  a  conventional  dual  matrix  converter  system,
the  proposed  topology  can  reduce  the  number  of  switches

that the dual outputs share with a DC-link. The application
of this system for HEV has advantages, like long lifetime and
reduced volume due to the lack of a DC-link. The proposed
control technique is to use interleaved control to significantly
reduce  the  current  ripple  and  thereby  reducing  the  losses

and thermal stress under  heavy-load condition. In order to
evaluate   performance   of   the   control   algorithm,   HEV
simulator  is  developed  using  MATLAB/  Simulink.  Finally

converter  model  fed  induction  motor  and  check  the  speed
torque characteristic of Induction Motor is presented.

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