Challenges associated with the teaching and learning of second languages such as English in Zimbabwe’s multilingual communities: a case of Mlibizi High School in Binga District of Matabeleland North Region

Chisango Future Fortune T


This research is an analysis of the challenges of teaching English in a multilingual community. The study conducted in the remote areas of Binga district sought to analyze the factors that impede the learning of foreign languages predominantly English which has become the solo means of communication in schools; with particular reference to geographically disadvantaged pupils at Mlibizi High School. The quest to find strategies that can be used by educators to effectively teach such languages was the greatest motivational force behind the carrying out of this research. A sample of 100 participants was drawn from a population 300 individuals comprising students, teachers and parents drawn from the School Development Committee SDC. The selection of students was based on parameters such as their family background and communities in which they reside. The inclusion of teachers facilitated generation of unbiased data as views of all parties involved in the learning process were captured. The research unpacked unique barriers that hinder learners from mastering foreign languages particularly English; a universal second language in all schools. The research concluded that the main challenges were background and exposure to communities that do not appreciate the significance of such languages in the learning of other subject areas in learning institutions. Majority of the population in the study area is multilingual but in their native languages and as such it is difficult for pupils to master English as an additional language. The research recommended that educators should play an active role in helping pupils counter the challenges associated with the learning of the languages. Varied teaching aids should be used so as to help ease the challenges faced by learners.

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