A Grid Interfacing Scheme for renewable energy sources using PV and Fuel cell systems

M. Akshara, T Suman, T.V. Subhashini


With the increase in load demand, the Renewable Energy Sources (RES) are increasingly connected in the distribution systems which utilize power electronic Converters/Inverters. In this thesis, Photo Voltaic (PV) system is integrated to a three phase four wire distribution system. The Photo Voltaic (PV) Panel is modeled based on associated equations. The use of non-linear loads in the power system will lead to generation of current harmonics which in turn deteriorate the power quality. Active Power Filters (APF) are extensively used to compensate the current harmonics and load unbalance. In this work, the existing PV inverter acts as Shunt Active Power Filter (SAPF) that is capable of simultaneously compensating problems like current unbalance, current harmonics and also of injecting the energy generated by renewable energy source. The inverter is controlled on the basis of hysteresis control and thus it can be utilized as a power converter injecting power generated from RES to the grid and as a shunt APF to compensate the Load disturbances. It is proposed to investigate in this paper, the performance of PV inverter for various loads. This work is carried out using MATLAB/SIMULINK  software..

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