An assessment on the viability and profitability of capture fisheries on sustainable livelihoods in marginalised rural areas of Zimbabwe: a case of Binga District in Matabeleland North Region

Chisango Future Fortune T


The study was conducted to investigate challenges affecting viability/profitability and sustainability of capture fisheries in marginalised communities of Zimbabwe with particular reference to Mlibizi fishing camps in Binga. Centrally the research sought to appraise participating communities on sound management systems of aquatic resources which enhances attainment of sustainable livelihoods in disadvantaged communities. To achieve this Sixty (60) respondents were randomly selected from a population of 300 fishing members drawn from four fishing co-operative groups in the area. These comprised both Kapenta and Gillnetters from the fishing site. The randomly picked participants were used for the purposes of generating primary data through group discussions and a simple Likert scale type of a questionnaire. The study also made use of secondary data which was gathered from relevant authorities such as the Parks and Wild Life Authority and partnering organisations such as the Zimbabwe's Communal Areas Management Programme for Indigenous Resources CAMPFIRE, the Environmental Management Authority EMA, as well as partaking Non-Governmental Organizations NGOs in the district. Generated data were subjected to descriptive statistics where frequency counts, means and percentages were used for purposes of analysis. Major findings of the research revealed that devolution of power is necessary to facilitate active participation of local communities in the management of their natural resources to unlock the potential that lies in them of generating meaningful gains to achieve desired outcomes for descent livelihoods in these marginalized communities. Thus the study opines that resource users need to be actively involved in policy formulation regarding management strategies and equity distribution of proceeds from such resources. 

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