Control of Three Phase Interleaved PFC AC-DC Converter fed DC Motor



This project presents a three-phase unity-power-factor single-stage ac–dc converter based on an interleaved topology. High power factor and high conversion efficiency can be achieved by a simple single-stage circuit with soft-switching features. This converter achieves both power factor correction and output voltage regulation in a single stage of power conversion. Some of the main characteristics of the converter are low voltage stress in the main devices, lower total harmonic distortion (THD), when compared with the single-switch boost rectifier, small number of components, simple control, and low cost. The proposed rectifier can produce input currents that do not have dead band regions with high PFC, operate with a continuous output current, and minimize the input electromagnetic interference filter size. This converter enjoys natural power factor correction with low line current harmonic distortion and symmetric high frequency voltage and current waveforms while ensuring zero-voltage switching for all the switches for a wide variation in load and line voltage. The simulation results are carried proposed topology is evaluated through DC Motor and to analysis by using MATLAB/SIMULINK software.  simulation results are conferred.

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