Design and Thermal Analysis of Combustion Outer Case for Turbo Engine

Dhondi Sindhuja, Rangdal Srikanth


A turbocharger or turbo is a gas compressor that uses the turbine driven forced induction device that increases an engine’s efficiency and power by forcing extra air into the combustion chamber. A turbocharger has the compressor powered by a turbine. The turbine is driven by the exhaust gas from the engine. It does not use a direct mechanical drive. This helps improve the performance of the turbocharger. The main problems with the turbo charger are oil leakage, damage of blades, whistling, sluggish, and outer case compression problem to overcome this problem many of the peoples work on the problem and they came out with new solutions to it. The objective of this project is to be design the outer case of a turbocharger for a diesel engine to increase its power and efficiency, and showing the advantage of designing of a turbocharger. The project tends to usage of new materials is required. In the present work impeller was designed with three different materials. The investigation can be done by using Creo-2 and ANSYS software. The Creo-2 is used for modeling the impeller and analysis is done in ANSYS .ANSYS is dedicated finite element package used for determining the variation of stresses, strains and deformation across profile of the impeller.

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