Reduction of Harmonics by using Control of SVPWM for Shunt Active Filter with 3-Phase, 3-Wire Distribution system



As the use of power electronic equipment is spreading, the degradation of the power quality in the utility networks is increasing and is becoming a major problem. Limiting the current distortion is therefore a concern for both utilities and consumer. Power converters such as rectifiers, power supplies and at a higher power level, arc furnaces are the sources of harmonics. This harmonics can be reduced by using the shunt active filter. There are many control strategies to reduce harmonics. Advancement in semiconductor devices has fuelled an increase in the use of non-linear loads which are the main causes of harmonic distortion in three-phase, four-wire distribution systems. Mitigation of harmonics in three-phase, three-wire electrical power distribution systems that supply balanced and unbalanced non-linear loads was therefore conducted. In order to protect the supply system from current harmonics, we have to use the active power filters. The main aim of the proposed system is to compensate current unbalance, load current harmonics, load reactive power demand and load neutral current. Modulation technique used is Space Vector Pulse Width Modulation (SVPWM).

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