Design of Velocity Measurement Circuit for Propeller Type Sensor Used on Physical Hydraulic Models

N.D. Atkekar, Lata Gupta, Anuradha kumari, S. Dhayalan


The studies conducted by Central Water & Power Research Station, Pune, India (CWPRS), provide hydraulically sound and economically viable solutions to various problems associated with projects on water resources. The principle tool for the studies in CWPRS is physical modeling. Water velocity is major parameter in the river and tidal physical models for assessment of performance of hydraulic structures. CWPRS designs and builds state-of-the-art instruments to meet the instrumentation needs that exist in hydraulic research and engineering studies. The propeller type sensor referred in this paper is developed and fabricated in-house. This paper deals with the circuit design and developmental aspects of a signal conditioner of water velocity measurement system using propeller type current meter for physical hydraulic model studies. An attempt is made to design and develop a signal conditioner to produce perfect shaped pulses which are further fed to counter circuit for its calculation and conversion into velocity values as per calibration chart. 

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