Impact of Music on Academic Performancescience Subject of Adolescent’s Across Gender

Shahni Poonam, Agarwal Shalini


Childhood period is like TABULA RASA means BLANK SLATE. So during this phase the healthier and positive education we provide the children, the same is portrayed in later phase of life. In present time education has become a stressful task and the students uses varied methods to reduce stress and enjoy studies and one way is listening music while studying but it may not true for all. For some music may be disturbing element. Music classes offer many benefits which make them very indispensable. Performance programs enhance a student’s sense of self-esteem as well as their social skills. Students become a part of a positive group and organization. Not only do students profit socially from music programs, but they also gain academically. The main objective was to assess the .The research design was descriptive cum exploratory research design in nature. The sample size for the study was 120 which 60 (male and female) respondents of Government and 60 (male and female) respondents of Private schools were selected respectively. The multistage purposive random sampling was used to collect the sample from different selected schools (Government and Private) of Lucknow city. Findings of the study revealed that majority of the female respondents academic performance was better than male’srespondents’ academic performance of Government and Private schools.

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