Reduced Switch Count Multilevel Inverter for Renewable Energy Source Application



This concept focus on one of the challenging and important situation of the all the countries around the globe i.e, remote areas rural electrification. In this concept, economical and reliable hybrid renewable energy system for remote areas has been implemented. The hybrid system uses a combination of solar and wind energy system as they are complementary and availability is plenty in nature. It can work in standalone mode or in hybrid mode depending on the availability of the sources. For the efficient utilization of the solar and wind energy, a modified PWM inverter with minimum components is used to obtain high quality output ac power that can feed directly the loads in remote areas. Direct drive PMSG, MPPT control, the modified PWM inverter with minimum power electronics, feeding ac and dc loads makes the system more economical, reliable for the remote areas electrification. MATLAB/Simulink software is used for the modeling and simulation of the hybrid energy system. The implemented hybrid energy system is used to generate and distribute power among the remote areas as the solar energy and wind energy are plenty in nature. Depending on the availability of the solar and wind energy, this system feeds the loads in standalone mode or hybrid mode. The proposed concept is implemented to 7 levels, 9 level multilevel inverter

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