Analysis of the performance of Active Type SFCL and FCL for Reducing the Fault Current and Overvoltage in a Distribution System



The Active Superconducting Current Controller (ASCC) is a new type of Fault Current Limiters which can limit the fault current in different modes and also has the particular abilities of compensating active and reactive power for AC main circuit in the normal state. The use of the ASCC disturbs the operation of Over Current Relays (OCR) used in the distribution system. In consideration that applying superconducting fault current limiter (SFCL) may be a feasible solution, in this paper, the effects of a voltage compensation type active SFCL. The magnetic field in the air core can be controlled by PWM inverter output. Hence, the equivalent impedance can be maintained and overvoltage suppression is possible. The fault current and voltage suppression characteristics are simulated in mat lab. The simulation results show that the active SFCL can play an obvious role in restraining the fault current and overvoltage, and it can contribute to avoiding damage on the relevant distribution equipment and improve the systems safety and reliability.

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