A Study on Modern/Contemporary History of India & Iraq

Wafaa Hadi Habeeb


India and Iraq is the place where found the oldest Civilization.  The bilateral relations between the Republic of Iraq and the Republic of India have customarily been neighborly and synergistic. Social collaboration and financial exchange between old India and Mesopotamia go back to 1800 BCE. The 1952 Treaty of Friendship built up and strengthened links between contemporary India and Iraq. By the 1970s, Iraq was regarded as one of the India's nearest associates in the Middle East. Ties in the middle of India and Iraq were upset amid the Iran-Iraq War, the 1991 Gulf War and the 2003 Iraq War. Be that as it may, the two-sided relations standardized after the basis of equitable government in Iraq. India and Iraq concurred a year ago on a system for participation for a long haul vital organization as Baghdad asked New Delhi to look past the United Nation Sanctions and help in remaking Iraq's economy.

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