BER analysis of DFT And Wavelet Based OFDM By Using SUI Channel CompareWith AWGN Channel

K. Gopal Swami, K. Manjunath


The OFDM communication model overcomes the drawbacks of conventional communicational model and offers the high data rate, and high spectral efficiency. Compared to conventional approaches the 4th generation Long term evolution application has better spectral efficiency in terms of accuracy and high data rate, the 4th generation Long term evolution approach is formed by the collaboration of OFDM and MIMO. Although OFDM has many advantages over FDM but it suffers from inter carrier interference and inter symbol interference when multiple carriers are used and due to this interferences loss of Orthogonality happens, in order to overcome these interferences usage of cyclic prefix has became mandatory. But usage of cyclic prefix shows huge negative impact on bandwidth efficiency as the cyclic prefix approach consumes nearly 20% of bandwidth and BER performance too affected. The main objective of this paper is to get better performance of Wavelet based OFDM system using SUI channel. Considering this goal, the simulation has been done. The performance is analyzed, which shows satisfactory BER for higher SNR. This result is compared with the performance of wavelet based OFDM using AWGN channel. This article shows the better performance of Wavelet based OFDM system using SUI channel than AWGN channel.

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