The Prevalence of Anemia Among Adolescent Girls – A Study

C. SUBATHRA, Susan William


The study aim to determine the prevalence of anemia among adolescent girls. Selected a group of 83 College students age ranging from 18-19 Years as the sample for the purpose of this study as convenient sampling.  Hb level of girls were estimated using Portable hemoglobin analyzers by the staff nurse form a local hospital. Results of Hb investigation were conveyed to the participants. Applied frequency and percentage anlasysis to check the level of Hb among the adolescent girls. It was identified that 20.5 % of  Students have below 9 to 10gm of Hb level and 61.45% of students have 10 to 12 gm Hb level  and only 10.8% of students have above 12 gm of Hb level  which is the minimum Hb level required for a Adolescent girl. The overall prevalence of anemia among adolescent girls was found to be high. Emphasizes is needed for corrective measures of anemia and iron deficiency in girls. There is need for regular supply of iron and folic acid tablets to improve nutritional status of adolescent girls.

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