Performance Improvement of ofdm System By using ici Self Cancellation Technique

K. Radha Krishna, K. Madhavi


OFDM is the expected performance for 4th Generation broadband multimedia wireless systems. OFDM is robust to multi-paths fading and delay because it has high data transmission capability with high bandwidth efficiency that’s why it has recently been applied in wireless communication systems. the causes of loss of orthogonality and amplitude reduction of OFDM signal and lead to Inter Carrier Interference (ICI) is due to OFDM system is very sensitive to carrier frequency offset, which is one of the major drawback of OFDM system. We can reduceICI by using various techniques. Here in this paper ICI self cancellation method is used to combat the effect of ICI induced by CFO. Sub-optimal scheme can be applied for the any range of and a sub optimum value can be (λso,μso) calculated using proposed sub-optimalscheme. The CIR of SSR ICI self cancellation scheme using the proposed sub-optimal approach is also found to be better than conventional SSR ICI self cancellation and compared with Rayleigh antenna.

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