The Conversion of a Novel Integrated Power Traction Energy Storage

Jella Aruna


Electrical energy storage has the task Role to play in improving future performance electric traction systems. This paper proposes a new power electronics topology integrates energy Power electronics with storage of the inverter unit System. This structure reduces weight and component The count is compared with the previous topology but still allows Use standard machines. Indicative energy savings full size system is presented. A study on the city tram class public Black pool transport system, and it seems so obvious You can achieve energy savings by using ultra capacitor energy storage with the proposal Structure. In the proposed system the maximum energy Available during braking depends on the kinetic energy And therefore the speed and load of the tram. the actual Energy that can be captured is a more complex function, Depending on the grade of strength and energy for storage System and time and function driving course Streetcar during the normal course and speed braking because Energy balance and the recovered energy is used to Overcome mechanical losses.

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