A Novel Efficient Distributed Arithmetic &Finite Impulse Response on Look-up-table

Vontikommu Bhargavi, Pabbaraju Padmaja


In this paper, critical path of multiple constant multiplication (MCM) blocks is analyzed precisely and optimized for high-speed and low-intricacy implementation. A delay model predicated on signal propagation path is proposed for more precise estimation of critical path delay of MCM blocks than the conventional adder depth and the number of cascaded full adders. A dual objective configuration optimization (DOCO) algorithm is developed to optimize the shift-integrate network configuration to derive high-speed and low-intricacy implementation of the MCM block for a given fundamental set along with a corresponding adscititious fundamental set. A genetic algorithm (GA)-predicated technique is further proposed to probe for optimum supplemental fundamentals. In the evolution process of GA, the DOCO is applied to each probed adscititious fundamental set to optimize the configuration of the corresponding shift-integrate network. Experimental results show that the proposed GA-predicated technique reduces the critical path delay,Area, power consumption, area delay product and power delay product by 32.8%, 4.2%, 5.8%, 38.3%, and 41.0%, respectively, over other subsisting optimization methods.

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