Provable Multicopy Data Possession in Cloud Computing System Applications

Kumari Jelli, J. Rajashekar, S. Adilakshmi


In Provable data possession scheme the client outsources the data to the remote cloud service provider which is in charge for storing and maintaining the data. Customers can hire the storage infrastructure from the cloud carrier providers to store their data by way of paying  prices. Hence the clients must verify whether the server possesses the original data and must have powerful assurance that the service  provider is storing all of the data copies issued as per the contract. In this process the issues similar to data security, data dynamics, integrity security and multi cloud storage have remained the essential undertaking. The data owner update one of the copies from Cloud Service Provider and the remaining data must be updated by the Cloud Service Provider. By the way Message Authentication Code is also been updated and then the client can send the request and receive the data from the Cloud Service Provider. By using the Secure Hash Algorithm-1 the client can check the integrity of the data, whether it is updated or not. This mechanism will increase the security when compared to the existing process.


Provable data possession (PDP), storage security, Cloud Service Provider(CSP), Cloud Computing, Dynamic Data.

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