A New Fuzzy based closed-loop Buck Boost Converter for Power Factor Correction



: The devices generally used in industrial, commercial and residential applications need to undergo rectification for their proper functioning and operation. They are connected to the grid comprising of non-linear loads and thus have non-linear input characteristics, which results in production of non-sinusoidal line current. Also, current comprising of frequency components at multiples of line frequency is observed which lead to line harmonics. Due to the increasing demand of these devices, the line current harmonics pose a major problem by degrading the power factor of the system thus affecting the performance of the devices. Hence there is a need to reduce the line current harmonics so as to improve the power factor of the system. This has led to designing of Power Factor Correction circuits. Power Factor Correction (PFC) involves two techniques, Active PFC and Passive PFC. In our project work we have designed an active power factor circuit using Buck Converter for improving the power factor. Average Current Mode Control method has been implemented with buck converter to observe the effect of the active power factor corrector on the power factor. The advantage of using Buck Converter in power factor correction circuits is that better line regulation is obtained with appreciable power factor. The proposed concept can be implemented to DC motor drive Applications for two switch buck boost converter by using mat lab/Simulink software.

Index Terms-Two Switch Buck Boost, Power Factor Correction, Two Mode Control Scheme.

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