Modeling and Simulation of 7- Level Solar PV Wind Hybrid System for Induction Motor Drive Application



Generally, in low radiation PV array system inverter gives the lower voltage than the rated voltage which affects the power quality. It is overcome by using Battery Energy Storage System. This concept describes the Simulation and analysis of hybrid energy system consisting of wind and solar PV system. The wind and solar PV system are connected to the common load through DC/DC Boost converter. In the stand-alone mode the converter needs to maintain constant voltage and frequency regardless of load imbalance or the quality of the current, which can be highly distorted, if the load is nonlinear. Simulation results show that the proposed hybrid system has the potential to meet the electricity demand of an isolated system. This concept has described a hybrid energy system with variable speed wind generation, photovoltaic system with power electronic interface under stand-alone mode. In the stand-alone mode the performance of the system is evaluated for various wind speeds and various irradiation levels and the performance were analyzed. Due to variations in wind speed and solar irradiation AC voltage varies. Battery system is used to maintain the balance between the source and load.  This can be extended for Induction Motor drive Application i.e., modeling and Simulation of Solar PV Wind Hybrid System for Induction Motor Drive Application.

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