Secure Multi-Cloud framework by Homomorphic Encryption

N. Swetha, S Ramachandram


The possibility of Homomorphic encryption is to ensure data confidentiality while outsourcing data from cloud server or at cloud level, however with spare abilities to process over encoded information, seeking encrypted data information, and so on. A homomorphism is a property by which an issue in one algebraic framework can be changed over to an issue in another algebraic framework, be tackled and the arrangement later can likewise be changed over back effectively. In this way, homomorphism makes secure point out of calculation to an outsider attainable. Different liable encryption schemes have either multiplicative or additive substance Homomorphic property and are without further protest being used for individual applications. As such, a Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE) scheme which could play out any discretionary calculation over encoded data. In this paper, we propose a multi-cloud proposal of M conveyed servers to repartition the information (data) and to practically allow accomplishing a FHE.

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