A Grid Connected PV System Integrated with Battery Energy Storage Through Three- port Isolated DC-DC Converter



It contains an inductor–capacitor–inductor (LCL)-resonant circuit to achieve zero-current switching (ZCS) for the main switch. The proposed converter has the advantage of using the least number of switches and soft switching for the main switch, which is realized by using an inductor–capacitor– inductor (LCL)-resonant circuit. The converter is capable of interfacing sources of different voltage–current characteristics with a load and/or a dc micro grid. This is  a new isolated three-port bidirectional dc–dc converter, which uses the minimum number of switches The proposed converter is applied for simultaneous power management of a photovoltaic (PV) system with a battery. The PV system and the battery are connected to the unidirectional port and the bidirectional port of the converter, respectively. A maximum power point tracking (MPPT) algorithm is designed for the PV panel to generate the maximum power when solar radiation is available. A charge and discharge controller is designed to control the battery to either absorb the surplus power generated by the PV panel or supply the deficient power required by the load. The simulation results are presented by using Mat lab/Simulink software.

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