Asynchronous Motor Based Modular Cascaded H-Bridge Multi Level Pv Inverter For Industrial Applications

B. Pavitravathi, S. Swapna Dharma


This paper presents a seven-level photovoltaic (PV) inverter topology for three phase induction motor with a sinusoidal pulse width modulation (SPWM) control scheme and MPPT. Thus reducing the complexity of the system, these MPPT algorithmic methods which are based on the use of Incremental Conductance (IC) algorithms have been proposed with the PV panel to determine an optimum operating current for the maximum output power. Multilevel inverter as compared to single phase inverter has advantages like minimum harmonic distortion and can operate on several voltage level inverters. A key component in this paper is the DC to AC seven level multilevel inverter. The inverters are categorized according to the configuration of the PV system, the configuration of the conversion stages within the inverter and whether they use transformers. The modular cascaded multilevel topology helps to improve the efficiency and flexibility of PV systems. To realize better utilization of PV modules and maximize the solar energy extraction, a distributed maximum power point tracking control scheme is applied to both single- and three-phase multilevel inverters, which allows independent control of each dc-link voltage. For three-phase grid-connected applications, PV mismatches may introduce unbalanced supplied power, leading to unbalanced grid current. This paper proposed a three phase seven level inverter with voltage control method using semiconductor power devices for three phase induction motor in order to achieve a smooth, continuous and low total harmonics distortion (THD) waveforms. The simulation results are performed by using Matlab/Simulink software.

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