To investigate the most preferred source of information influencing the buying behavior of the customers in rural areas with special reference to detergent powder and cake in Uttarakhand state (India)

Arun Kant Painoli


Whenever we thought of buying any products the source of information floated through various sources influence the buying behavior of the customers.  If we talk about the various stimuli which influence the buying behavior, we can divide these stimuli into two parts – Marketing dominated stimuli and non marketing dominated stimuli. All the information which we received from various source has a direct or indirect affect on our purchase decisions. My aim of writing this paper is to know the most preferred source of information among the customers living in the rural areas when they decide to buy the particular brand of detergent powder and cake. This will help the marketers in designing the information and implementing the medium which is most effective in terms of reach among the customers. Behavior is a psychological element and one of the complex aspects, when question of understanding the buying behavior is concerned.

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