Corridor Improvement Plan For a Two Lane Two Way Undivided Urban Road



Access management plans to modify or retrofit developed urban corridors typically outline changes to both public facilities and privately owned accesses. Plans to modify private access points on developed urban corridors can be efficiently accomplished if implemented concurrently with redevelopment of lands adjacent to the corridor.

If the urban corridor is experiencing a high rate redevelopment or site modification, revising or consolidated private access points as directed in an access management plan can occur naturally through enforced land redevelopment regulations within site plan review. Modifying access on the public street system via corridor redesign simultaneous to the private access modifications can not only control access problems with older development or site designs, but also complement the updated private access designs.

However, while the public street improvement needs can be addressed in a relatively straight forward manner, improvements for privately owned property, particularly commercial properties, can pose problems for planners and engineers with access management and corridor safety as their forefront concern.

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