The Smart ATM Monitoring System using Raspi



Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) security is the field of study that aims at solutions that provide multiple points of protection against physical and electronic theft from ATMs and protecting their installations. From anti-skimming defend systems to silent indicate systems, integrated ATM video surveillance cameras and ATM monitoring options, security specialists are ready to help the people get more out of the ATM security and ATM loss prevention systems. The implementation is achieved with the use of Machine-to-machine (M2M) communications technology. M2M communications is a topic that has recently attracted much attention It provides real-time monitoring and control without the need for human intervention. The idea of M2M platform suggests new system architecture for positioning and monitoring applications with wider coverage and higher communication efficiency. The aim of the proposed work is to implement a low cost standalone Embedded Web Server (EWS) based on ARM11 processor and Linux operating system using Raspberry Pi. It offers a robust networking solution with wide range of application areas over internet. The Web server can be run on an embedded system having limited resources to serve embedded web page to a web browser. The setup is proposed for ATM security, comprising of the modules namely, authentication of shutter lock, web enabled control, sensors and camera control.

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