Life Cycle Assessment Using Revit Software and Tally Application

Ahmed Abdulameer Arab Al-Taie


The purpose of this paper to determine an effective means for analysis materials and find alternative materials to help in decision making. Lifecycle assessment, maintenance and replacement. The building of the College of Administration and Economics in Iraq at Waset is considered as a case study to realize the actual uses and benefits of Building Information Modeling (BIM). A 3D model is developed in Revit Architecture software,  the study is carried out to know the impact of materials on the environment by means of Mass, Acidification Potential, Eutrophication Potential, Global Warming Potential, Ozone Depletion Potential, Smog Formation Potential, Primary Energy Demand, Non- renewable Energy Demand, Renewable Energy Demand to understand impact materials on environment and studied the effect of construction materials on the environment, the function of building information model and corresponding data control in different stages of Life Cycle Assessment .

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