A Collage Impulse of Psychological Crippling to Multiplet Surviving In PreetiShenoy’s Novel Life Is What You Make IT

Honoureen Beatrice Gamble


The map of Literature confinesitself from the modernist, competitive and‘catching up’ perspective that women are holistic, nurturing and rebellious in mind and heart in Preeti Shenoy’s Novel ‘Life Is What You Make It’. The author throws her weight behind a far more inclusive conception of ‘What would you do if destiny twisted the road you took’? What if it threw you to a place you did not want to go? Would you fight, run, or accept the inequity, exploitation, or psychic disorder? Life is the source of what we make are living and dying. The paper tints the art of ‘You’ in the life of Ankita Sharma from Past (Bipolar Disorder in Mind) to Present (The Will Power of Beliefin Her Self) an indomitable spirit that can overcome even the mysterious threats destiny throws at ‘You’. The research undertaken is the study of How Psychological trauma in one’s self can fraction itself to the journey of Change, A secret “Never to belittle love, no matter where it came, be humbler, nicer, kinder, be who you are, no matter how crude it makes you,” never resist from your opinions and choices, as “Life is What You Yourself Make It” with sanity and self determined strength, designing your Life out of the real Collage of Existence and Living.

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