Design and Simulation of Thermal Analysis of Inline Engine Components

R. Jayasri, G. Venkateswara Rao


The inline four cylinder engine or straight four engine is an internal combustion engine with all four cylinders mounted in a line, or plane on the housing. The one bank of cylinders could also be familiarized in either a vertical or associate degree simple machine with all the pistons driving a typical shaft. Wherever it's inclined, it's generally known as a slant-four. Specification chart or once an abbreviation is employed, associate degree in line four engine is listed either as I4 or L4.

The main objective of the project is a way to design the major components of inline four cylinder engine using SOLIDWORKS/DESIGN with standard dimensions. The components which are developed in SOLIDWORKS are also analyzed in it using simulation tool. The thermal analysis of piston, valve, camshaft and crankshaft are performed at 800 kelvin thermal loading and therefore the results of temperature distribution of the elements are to be evaluated. Finally the thermal analysis results of the elements are compared with different materials.

In present work, Aluminum Alloy 1060 and Alloy Steel are considered. By comparing the temperature variations of all the components for both materials we can conclude the best suited material. 

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