Tracking the Maximum Power Point With Artificial Neural Network



Solar photovoltaic system characteristics depends on environmental factors, therefore a maximum power point tracking MPPT technique is needed to keep the working point of the system as close as possible to the MPP. In this paper we present a PV generator composed by four PV panel (60Watt) placed in series, and a neural network model developed by the authors. The aim of this study focuses on the application of the artificial neural networks to extract the maximum power point of a photovoltaic generator that feeds a motor- pump group unit through a PWM inverter installed in the laboratory. The output of the ANN is the optimal voltage Vopt which is compared to the PV generator voltage Vpv, then passed through an integrator to extract the stator frequency fs that are given to the PWM control of the DC-AC inverter to find out the sinusoidal reference voltage and the sampled wave.

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