Improve the Flow of Energy in Transmission Line through UPFC



This  project  concentrates  on  FACT  device  UPFC  which  is  used  for  power flow  control  in  the transmission side. With the growing demand of electricity, it is not possible to erect new lines to face the situation. Flexible AC Transmission System (FACTS) makes use of the thyristor controlled devices and optimally utilizes the existing transmission network. One of such device is Unified Power Flow Controller (UPFC) on which the emphasis is given in this present work. Real, reactive power, and voltage balance of the unified power-flow control (UPFC) system is analyzed. A novel coordination controller is proposed for the UPFC. The basic control method is such that the shunt converter controls the transmission line reactive power flow and the dc-link voltage. The series converter controls the real power flow in the transmission line and the UPFC bus voltages. Experimental works have been conducted to verify the effectiveness of the UPFC in power flow control in the transmission line. The simulation model was done in MATLAB/SIMULINK ,platform.

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