Design of Direct Torque Control Based on Space Vector Modulation for Induction Motors

Bhukya Ravi, G. Naresh


In this paper, we present a new process to the Direct Torque control (DTC) problem of three-phase inductionmotor drives. By watching that the DTC objectives, which require the controlled variables to stay insideprecise bounds, are regarding feasibility as a substitute than optimality, and by way of utilising a blockading control inputs systemfor the entire prediction horizon we derive a low complexity controller. So that on this paper we describes acombination of direct torque control (DTC) and space vector modulation (SVM) for an adjustable speedsensorless induction motor (IM) pressure. The motor force is supplied via a two-level SVPWM inverter. The inverterreference voltage is got based on input-output feedback linearization control, and is compared with thestator D–Q axes reference body components and this are given to SVPWM inverter. Right here we usematlab/simulink for the simulation rationale. The proposed control algorithms are demonstrated through enormoussimulation results.

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