"Al-Hidaya" To Survive the Regulation of Relations

Gaybullaev Alisher Ismatullayevic


Only the right to occupy the property owner, but the owner can also be a person. This "Al-Hidaya" is also specified.  

SacredValley(deposit) agreement by a person understood as the second person to maintain the property. "Al-Hidaya" landlord "modi", or savings; deposit holder person, "mustavdi'," he said. This situation can be seen in the ancient Roman private law. The right to protection of deposits, "the owner of the property titles" or "titles," he called, and it later moved continental law system. Today, the civil law protection of deposits, "the title of the property owner" status. " Al-Hidaya " indicates, for the property in the "valley" is known as "vadia'" meaning of the word "leave" means. In turn, the property has not been submitted by the deposit holder to left. "Al-Hidaya" that the deposit left on the property the deposit holder[1].

[1]Marginani Burhanuddin. Hidoya. Comments Islamic law. At 2 pm, Part 1 -. M .: Wolters Kluwer, 2008. - 192 p.

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