Status of Municipal Authority and Public Co-Operation for Solid Waste Management- A Case Study in Dayalabagh Area, Agra

Priyanka Baghel, Sharmita Gupta


Solid waste management is one of the most challenging problems in urban cities, which are facing serious environment pollution issue due to improper management of municipal solid waste. MSWM can be done in well manner with the cooperation of municipal authority and public. This paper presents the assessment of status of cooperation between municipal authority and public. Extensive field investigations were carried out with the help of questionnaire survey and in-depth interview, to know the MSWM status (as per MSW rules, 2016) by municipal authority of Dayalbagh  area, Agra. MSWM by residential public and street vendors was also assessed with the help of questionnaire survey. After assessing MSWM measures taken by Municipal authority and public, individually, co-operational status of municipal authority and public was also revealed. Some recommendations were also given after analyzing the results. Based on the recommendations, municipal authority can make much better plans for providing better services in it’s area.



MSW- Municipal Solid Waste, MSWM- Municipal Solid Waste Management

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