Design and implementation of environment monitoring and controlling station with data collection network based wireless sensor network

Ch. Kalyani, B. Gangadhar


In modern generation of wireless sensor network, this proposed system gives a frame work for wireless sensor networks (WSN) is designed to see impacts of climate change in crop fields. we design a system architecture for  observing and monitoring automatically and continuously in real time .This proposed system includes two base stations and many sensor nodes which are powered, designed, and implemented. Climate changes from sensor nodes are sent through WSN to the base station, then the base station communicates with remote data server center through GPRS or 3G network. We can also communicate in the areas where GPRS is not present, by using different methods of communication. As this system has many advantages and low cost continuously monitoring, the system can be applied widely in agriculture developing countries like Vietnam. Proteus simulation and power consumption results prove the energy efficient of environment stations and data collection network.


data collection network based,wireless sensor network,Design and implementation, environment monitoring

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