A Wireless Monitoring Medical Equipment Using GSM during Natural Disasters

Bashyam Soumya, T. Ravi Kumar


Electricity worked strong restorative hardware (DME, for example, ventilators, dialysis machines, and patient observing gadgets, are life-supporting machines utilized widely by patients at home. While helpful and efficient, at-home utilization of DME is vulnerable to Electricity blackouts, particularly the ones created by regular calamities that frequently happen in extensive zone and for a long length. There is small existing innovation permitting healing centers to screen DME-subordinate patients without utilizing the present foundation, for example, the landlines, the cell towers, Ethernet link or the Internet. Reported in this is a novel remote System that uses a radio specially appointed system to naturally report the patient's data and area, and the DME data and status to a close-by clinic when a Electricity blackout is recognized. This System comprises of two sections: a doctor's facility based getting gadget, called the Base Station hub, and various transmitting gadgets, called User Nodes, each associated  to the DME at patients' homes. The Base Station and User Nodes is each worked with a Teensy® microcontroller, a GPS beneficiary module, and aXbee® radio executing the Zigbee® convention. Moreover, every User Node contains a status LED and an inward lithium-particle battery associated by a charge controller. Client Nodes are customized to acquire the GPS area of the patient, screen the DME status, speak with adjacent hubs, transmit the information and hand-off data to the Base Station through the radio impromptu system the hubs frame on account of a Electricity blackout. The Base Station gadget is modified to get and pass on the data transmitted from the User Nodes to an adjacent clinic's patient observing PC through a USB association. This System works without depending on the foundation, and permits clinic staff to know the data and areas of DME and their clients and give assistance required amid Electricity blackouts.



Ad hoc Network, DME, Durable Medical Equipment, GPS, Radio, Tracker, Tracking System, Wireless, Zigbee, Xbee

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