Improvement of Soil Properties Using Nonchemical - Terrasil- A Review

Ajay Kumar Pandagre, Ashutosh Rawat


             As the population is increasing day by day there is reduction of availability of a good sound land for construction, thus now a day's more construction of buildings and other civil engineering structures have to be carried out on weak or soft soil. These soil of poor shear strength and high swelling & shrinkage, has to be treated by some suitable means mostly soil stabilization and reinforcement are employed to improve mechanical behaviour of soil, thus improving the reliability of construction. As we look out the soil map of India the Black cotton soil is one of the major soil deposits. This soil has the property of high swelling and shrinkage when exposed to changes in moisture content and hence have been found to be most troublesome from engineering considerations. This paper deals with the review of some previous studies that are done to improve properties of weak soil by terrasil and some other stabilizing agents.


Terrasil, Soil Stabilization, Strength, Black cotton soil

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