Fish diversity and Abundance in Kudligere tank of Bhadravathi Taluk, Karnataka with special note on their Biodiversity status

S Thirumala, B. R Kiran


Abundance and biodiversity status of fishes of Kudligere tank, Karnataka was studied monthly from February 2010 to January 2011. The present study has shown that Kudligere tank supported 18 fish species belonging to 04 orders, 07 families and 15 genera. Among fish families Cyprinidae was dominant with 08 species followed by  Bagridae with 03 species, Siluridae and Channidae with 02 species .While,  Claridae, Notopteridae and Cichlidae each with single species respectively. As far as biodiversity status (IUCN-1994) is concerned, one species is endangered (5.55 %), 07 species as lower risk-near  threatened  (38.89 %),  vulnerable 02   species   (11.11%),   lower   risk   least concern is one (5.55 %) ,06 species included under the category of Not assessed (33.33%) and 01 species considered as Data deficient with 5.55% . Water quality characteristics responsible for the occurrence and distribution of fishes in this tank are discussed in brief. Therefore, for the proper management and utilization of this fish wealth, it is necessary to take up the sustainable steps to monitor and conserve fish health.

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