An Efficient Implementation of Matrix Multipliers for signal Processing on FPGA

A. Hari Priya


Matrix multiplication and Fast Fourier transform are two computational intensive DSP functions widely used as kernel operations in the applications such as graphics, imaging and wireless communication. Matrix multiplication is the kernel operation used in many image and signal processing applications. In this paper, we present the design and Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) implementation of matrix multiplier architectures for use in image and signal processing applications. The designs are optimized for speed which is the main requirement in these applications. First design involves computation of dense matrix vector multiplication which is used in image processing application. The design has been implemented on Virtex-4 FPGA and the performance is evaluated by computing the execution time on FPGA. Implementation results demonstrate that it can provide a throughput of 16970 frames per second which is quite adequate for most image processing applications. The second design involves multiplication of tri-matrix (three matrices) which is used in signal processing application. The proposed design for the multiplication of three matrices has been implemented on Spartan-3 and Virtex-II Pro platform FPGAs respectively.

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