Investigation of Quality Model for Cloud Services

P. Priyanka, S. Naresh Kumar


In world of internet of things (IoT), cloud computing is an essential aspect.In this world of technological data, cloud computing is the trendy buzzword. It is a procedurein which weare storing data. With varying quality specifications cloud have to aid significantquantity of interactions. An major differentiator between the cloud providers isservice quality. Cloud vendors ought to provide sophisticated services that meet theircostumers’ requirements. To measure, characterize and compare quality of theproviders, a satisfactory model can be used so that a trust can be situated amongstcloud stockholders. In this paper, we take a service viewpoint to initiate aqulality model which is named as CLOUDQUAL and used for cloud services. Thisis a model containing six first-class dimensions that goals basic cloud services.The six quality dimensions are security, usability, elasticity, availability, responsiveness and reliability where in usability is subjective and ultimate fiveare objective. To illustrate result of CLOUDQUAL, we conduct case learn oftwo storage clouds. Results exhibit that CLOUDQUAL can evaluate anddifferentiate cloud’s quality.

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