Design and development of Hybrid seed dryer with airflow inversion and recirculation

Srinivasa C S, Mahadev kadakol, Santosh Ambiger, Saranappa Vaggar, Vrashabha Muttur


Sun drying is still the most common method used to preserve agricultural products in most tropical and subtropical countries. Some of the problems associated with open-air sun drying can be solved through the use of a solar dryer who comprises of collector, a drying chamber and sometimes a chimney.

Dryers have been developed and used to dry agricultural products in order to improve shelf life. Most of these either use an expensive source of energy such as electricity or a combination of solar energy and some other form of energy. There is spoilage of fruits and other fresh foods that could be preserved using drying techniques in India and other developing countries.


Hotair, Moisture content, Seed germination, Regeneration

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