A New Hybrid PV & Fuel cell & Battery Distributed Generation System with Fuzzy Controlled PMSM Drive

P. V. Manikanta, V. Naresh Kumar


This concept proposes a method for operating a grid connected hybrid system. This system composed of a Photovoltaic (PV) array and a Proton exchange membrane fuel cell (PEMFC) is considered. As the variations occur in temperature and irradiation during power delivery to load, Photo voltaic (PV) system becomes uncontrollable. In coordination with PEMFC, the hybrid system output power becomes controllable. Two operation modes are the unit-power control (UPC) mode and the feeder-flow control (FFC) mode, can be applied to the hybrid system. All MPPT methods follow the same goal that is maximizing the PV system output power by tracking the maximum power on every operating condition. Maximum power point tracking technique (Incremental conductance) for photovoltaic systems was introduced to maximize the produced energy. The coordination of two control modes, coordination of the PV array and the PEMFC in the hybrid system, and determination of reference parameters are presented. The proposal operating strategy systems with a flexible operation mode change always operate the PV array at maximum output power and the PEMFC in its high efficiency performance band. Also thus improving the performance of system operation, enhancing system stability, and reducing the number of operating mode changes. The proposed concept can be implemented to PMSM Drive system hybrid PV/PEMFC/Battery using PMSM drive applications using Matlab/Simulink software.


PMSM Drive, Fuzzy Controlled, Battery Distributed Generation System, Fuel cell, New Hybrid PV

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