Role of Sir Chhotu Ram in the Politics of Undivided Punjab

Ms. Sonia


It is a well-known fact that Sir Chhotu Ram who is known as Deenbandhu Rehbar-e-Azam and a most popular leader of joint Punjab, began as a Congressite and ended as a true unionist. He joined the All India Congress Party in 1916 and became the president of Rohtak district Congress Committee in the consequent year and remained on this office till August 1920, but he was no longer satisfied with the policy of Congress and he resigned it in August 1920. Meanwhile he also played an active role as active member of Arya Samaj. After some time he entered the provincial politics in 1924 and joined the Punjab National Unionist Party established by Fazi-i-Hussain and Lal Chand in 1923 and he remained one of the staunchest supporter and pillar of the party till his death in 1945. He also started the Urdu weekly ‘Jat Gazette’ in 1916 to awaken the rural masses. Here it is also noteworthy that he gave priority to the political development of Punjab as the first step for the independence of India and he believed in constructive politics. He avoided the politics of confrontation and like other nationalists of his time; his main goal was complete independence. The present research paper highlights Sir Chhotu Ram’s role in Punjab Politics. 

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